Hello world.

My name is unknown and my age is unknown to protect myself from the ugliness that is this world. No, just kidding. The world is actually pretty beautiful if you don’t think about mental problems, but even though people may be supportive long distance, putting my name out there will result in unwanted looks and attention from my home town. I really want to share my jouney and my experiences, but I want to do so in peace. So i beg you, if you somehow detect who I am, keep it to yourself. How would you like it if your whole personal life and your darkest secrets suddenly became public knowledge? Yeah, I thought so.

Anyways. Now that we got that out of the way it’s time for you to know a little of my background story. Who am I? Who was I, and what does my life look like?

First of all, I am a female. I live in a cold, cold country where the sun never shines. Just kidding. It just doesn’t shine very bright.

I was adopted when i was a baby, and lived a seemingly normal life up until the age of 9 where things started to go a tad bit south. My parents divorced and I was sure I was gonna die in the crossfire, but it all resolved it self after some years and I went on to live my teenage years.

I underwent a quite bit of bullying and harrasment my child and teenage years, but I got over it with time, but it has left it’s marks.

I’ve had one and a half abusive boyfriends, horrible friends, lived about 2 months in a psyciathric facility put together, pressed charges for rape asssult, tried to kill myself twice, got diagnosed with OCD and Borderline Personality Disorder, had little to no contact with both my parents over the years because of a disfunctional family (It’s all good now) and somehow I am still here. So that must mean something, right?


That is all the information I have to give at the moment, but I will try to update this page according to how things is over the months. I will also answer other questions in my posts.


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